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Calverton Estate – A Fly Fishing Paradise

Calverton Estate is situated in the mountains near Lydenburg in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. This natural gem is just 3½ hours from Johannesburg and offers luxury self-catering, fully serviced lodge accommodation. This getaway has become a premier retreat for the discerning fly fisherman.

The Estate offers 2 Guest Lodges as well as cold, crystal-clear mountain water, waterfalls, rock pools, rainbow trout and pine forests. The rock pools offer a perfect spot for rainbow and brown trout breeding. The weirs are also stocked regularly to keep trout numbers up. Catch & Release is preferred, however 5 trout per stay per lodge is accepted. Calverton Estate offers several kilometers of breathtaking waters that allow a wide variety of choices for a hiker or fly fisherman.

For those that prefer a hike through some of the better parts that nature has to offer will not be disappointed. The escarpment is not to be missed by anyone visiting Calverton Estate. This natural wonder is a sight to take your breath away. This massive drop in altitude allows for a view that is unhindered and undisturbed. Time has created this great wonder and time will continue to make it a beauty to behold.

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